Story Wolfgang Lederhaas
Story Wolfgang Lederhaas


Wolfgang Lederhaas, Germanist, philosopher, aromatherapist, perfumer and cosmetics manufacturer combines humanities and natural sciences.

He devoted himself to studying philosophy, psychology, German and classical singing in Graz, Vienna and Berlin. Wolfgang Lederhaas worked as an assistant to the director of the Diplomatic Academy, Ambassador Dr. Jiří Gruša.

Inspired by the image of a Renaissance man, he turned to natural science studies.

He is now a lecturer in cosmetology and aromatherapy as well as guild master of the chemical trades of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce, federal spokesman for commercial cosmetics manufacturers in Austria and a member of numerous expert committees.

In 2011 he founded the premium natural cosmetics brand and the Creative Lab LEDERHAAS, where he designs and creates in-house and external products as a natural cosmetics developer and perfumer.

His collaborations with greats such as Nikolaus Harnoncourt and Arnulf Rainer attracted worldwide attention. His products have received the European Design Award and the red dot award, among others.

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